We'll Refer You If You Need It.

Good lawyers know good lawyers.  Often we are the best choice for your case, and can handle every aspect of the case within our firm.  Sometimes though, to afford you the best possible representation another specialist is needed.

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Get the Right Specialist - For No Extra Cost.

We will associate, with your consent, with other attorneys when needed.  This means sharing our fee – not your cost.  When we commit to a case, the outcome is paramount, not the money we may make at the end. We enjoy good working relations with many of our colleagues who specialize in other areas of the law. 

Sometimes an out-and-out referral to one of these specialists is the best outcome for you.  Tell us your situation and we will guide you through it to the best of our ability.

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Attorney Refferals
If personal injury and wrongful death are not your primary practice or if you are feeling overwhelmed with the different insurance policies that are often at play in these types of cases, we can guide you through. 



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We lovingly refer to Henry as an “insurance nerd.”
He is frequently hired as a Coverage Expert because he speaks the lingo, he knows the law and he can actually read and understand an entire insurance policy.

Henry was recently hired by another Plaintiff’s attorney to review a policy before settlement.  In his analysis he discovered a $20 million umbrella policy, turning a $20,000 settlement into a $20,020,000 settlement.   Henry Moore is one of only 900+ lawyers in the entire State of Texas who is dual board certified.  He has been board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law since 1991 and in Insurance Law since that certification became available in 2023.  We frequently enter Joint Responsibility (fee sharing) agreements with referring attorneys and serve as Guide, Coach or Co-Counsel on many cases. This is the kind of expertise you need.

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